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Client Profile

The University has an estimated 19 million in annual revenue each year. It owns and operates a network of academic and medical institutions. It is a private company. It is one of the top ranked institutions in the United States, with over 11,900+ employees. 

Identified Issues

  • Customer had 8 different business units and divisions utilizing different platforms for marketing purposes/

  • Current Marketing process did not adhere to new privacy law.

  • Unable to decide a single source of truth for marketing data and assets for contacts, and internal divisions.

  • Unidentified business process because of dispersed data, and marketing assets

  • No Contact Database


Engineered Solution

  • Provided recommendations for the identified solutions.

  • Oracle MAP recommended to address privacy concerns as well as solve marketing technology challenges.

  • Developed 6-month modular plan and scope for Implementation

  • Developed New Marketing Strategy and Road Map for 8 different business units (divisions).

  • Provided Platform Training upon implementation including a 6-week training plan in phases w/out a CRM Platform.

  • CRM implementation was expected in phase 3.


Intended Outcome

  • Streamlined marketing process for 8 divisions to include cohesive use of one MAP (Oracle).

  • Channels and segments identified and created to ensure synchronized data into MAP (Oracle).

  • Compliant multi-channel communications with pre-templated emails, and landing pages.

  • Successful migration from all previous platforms, including contacts, data, and marketing assets.

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