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The 3 biggest challenges that companies and startups face when implementing their operations are:

🤔 Define and implement processes involved in the entire operation (marketing, sales, and service);

🤔 Choose the right technologies that will help achieve business goals;

🤔 Perform the correct technical setup and management of these tools to obtain reporting with assertive and reliable data.

I work with digital marketing since 2012. Most of the time I play leadership roles such as Manager or Director.

My professional experience involves the following:

• Team Building and Management

• Process Mapping and Design

• MarTech Implementation and Operations, including all technical setups

• Shareholders Reporting

• Project Management

• Customer Success Strategy and Management

• Acquisition and Retention Campaigns, including strategy, execution, and technical setups (Email Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn)

• Conversion Rate Optimization

• SEO (technical, strategy and execution)

• Startup Environment.

As a Marketing Automation Specialist (HubSpot), I have domain over:

• Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise)

• Implementation and Onboarding

• Client Training

• Operation Management

• Data Integrity Management

• Integrations Support

• Reporting and Dashboards

• Strategy

I'm a hands-on type of professional, T-shaped, and act as a specialist when needed.

Michele Garcia (Kuninganna)

Michele Garcia (Kuninganna)

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